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Definitely going to this. Perfect opportunity for networking, and maybe even snagging an internship. 


So last week was spring break and it was a nice time to relax and not stress too much about college for a bit. I got back on Sunday ready for the tail end of the spring semester to begin. Until…


I’d say I was surprised, but that would be a lie. The weather in Maryland all year has been all over the place. One day it’s 70˚ and sunny, two days later it’s freezing and snowing and ridiculous. 

So I, and the rest of campus, had one extra day to settle in.

It’s Tuesday morning, and I’m again ready to get back to class. I check my email to find a message sent from my philosophy professor.

class canceled. My only class of the day.

My only class was canceled. ANOTHER day for me. Plus i haven’t had rehearsal either days, so it’s been abnormally quiet since coming back from Annapolis. 

Crazy stuff

Go Shoremen. 


Spring Break is next week, and that means MIDTERMS.

So far the semester has been pretty manageable, with the exception of 4 essays due over three days (NIGHTMARE)

I’m enjoying all of my classes. They’re all discussion based and it’s interesting hearing everyone’s thoughts on topics like hinduism, philosophy, Theodore Roosevelt, and terrorism, just to name a few. 

Snow days and late openings and sickness have plagued my GRW class. But other than that, things have been going pretty well. 

Thankfully, I don’t have any midterm essay or exams. I can just ease into spring break after my last class ends on friday. 


It’s been a while (again)

These past few weeks have been pretty busy, but now I’m freed up to post.

Lotta lessons to be learned, but first I’ll talk about Fall Break: Pretty low key. I my home is Annapolis, MD and I spent Wednesday night through Saturday hanging our around town. I went back to my high school, and it was such a great day reconnecting with my favorite teachers and my director from the drama department. On that Sunday, my girlfriend and I took a road-trip down to Culpepper, VA to visit her family. Our original plan (for 3 months) was to got to Shenandoah National Park, but the government was still shutdown. Nevertheless, I was still a fun adventure with my gal.

Rowing everyday is starting to slowly grow on me. Getting in the best shape of my life is a pretty good perk. 

Midterms came out, and so far so good. Biology needs more improvement but it’s easily doable. 

I had a beard goin for a good 5 weeks or so, but that’s gone now. It wasn’t looking to good with a red beard and a blonde mustache and brown hair. Plus I heard from many people that I looked Amish. No offense to the Amish, but that’s not exactly what I had in mind. 

I went to the Career Center for an appointment this last Tuesday and it went very well. I highly suggest that everyone at least stop by once in their 4 years here. They have the right resources and they know what they’re talking about. 

Also, I got lost for the first time coming back to campus a couple days ago. I was coming back form rowing practice and I decided to take a detour from my usual route back to college. I ended up in a series of streets that I had no idea existed and found myself having to go through the apartment complex to get back on the campus. Plus it was cold and dark, so that wasn’t too fun, and neither was riding past the creepy Chester Graveyard. 

Going back to lessons learned these past couple weeks, a big one is this: don’t just rely on yourself for the major decisions of your lit. There are people out there, friends, family, mentors, advisors, that can and will help you. I was talking to Megan, my girlfriend, last night, and she gave me great insight about what I should do here at WAC, like switching to a major that I’m passionate about regardless of the finite number opportunities it offers. 

But anyways, that’s just a recap of my absence form the internet. Next week should be exciting with the Haunted House my dorm, Middle Hall, is putting on Saturday 10/26. I’ll also be doing a video tour of my room/hall so STAY TUNED.

Go Shoremen

Brian out.