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Today is the War on the Shore, the annual lacrosse gain between Washington College and Salisbury, which is considered one of the biggest rivalries in Division III lacrosse. 

WAC is currently ranked 7th in the nation, and is looking to upset #2 Salisbury to claim the Charles B. Clark Cup for the second year in a row. 

Last year, the Shoremen beat the Seagulls in the final minutes of the game with a goal from then-junior, Hunter Nowicki. It was Washington’s first victory over Salisbury in over a decade, and I was lucky enough to be there in person. 

This year, I’ll be missing it, unfortunately, because of rehearsals. But I will be watching the livestream of the game at 4 here:

Thankfully, Washington College will be hosting the War on the Shore my senior year. 

Go Shoremen.


So today’s the day. Reading Day. The kick-off of…FINALS WEEK. 

I’m lucky to only have two exams, but this is still an extremely important time to get down to business and kick some college-level ass. 

As a sort of last hurrah before finals, the EROS club held there annual Drag Ball. I dressed up, looked ridiculous, and had the most fun I’ve had all year so far. 

But now it’s go time. 

Go Shoremen

Brian out. 


Just got my first assignment for the Elm (the college newspaper): Men’s Soccer against Valley Forge Christian at home at 1 on Sunday. So excited for the chance to get my very first story published!

Photo Set

Adventures from downtown Chestertown

Play It Again Sam’s and Evergrain are the places to go when it comes to great coffee and baked goods. Evergrain even gave away free loaves of bread to WAC students. 

I love this place.

Photo credits to Taylor Frey, Maddy Margulies, and Rebecca Sachs


In less than 24 hours, I’ll be moved into my dorm in Middle Hall.

I pent today driving around me hometown and doing some last minute college shopping.

Today showed be how bad I am at shopping. I went to target to get a bulletin board, trash bin, a plastic drawer thing, and thumb tacs. 

I left with a roll of tape. 

Expensive tape. 

Go Shoremen 

Brian out. 

PS: I promise these posts will be more interesting and not about tape once I actually go to college.


like the title says, there are two days left.

Two days until I move into Washington College.

Two days until I begin the rest of my life.

I’ll admit, I’m pretty nervous about the whole transition. Excited, but nervous. It’ll be the first time living somewhere other than Annapolis, MD, and it’ll be only the second school I’ll have attended. I’ve never had to go through the process of meeting a new student body, and it’s a little intimidating. Having gone to the same school for 13 years, I had the luxury (or perhaps the curse) of knowing everybody around me. 

Nevertheless, I’m excited as to what the 4 orientation days has to offer me and the rest of the Washington College Class of 2017.

Go Shoremen 

Brian out. 


Well internet, the results are in, and Brian Klose of Washington College will be spending his freshman year in…

Middle Hall!

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t too optimistic about my chances of getting into Middle Hall, which is one of the more selective houses on campus. Needless to say, I am very excited for my first taste of semi-indepentdent living, especially in this house. 

Middle Hall is a themed residence, and its theme is creative arts. This hall manly houses drama/art/art history majors and even some English majors.  It also allows a select number of first year students to call this house home. This year, I believe, only 3 spots were up for grabs for first year students, and Taylor (my roommate) and I took 2 of them. I’m curious if the third spot was filled by a freshman or not. 

What’s great about Middle is its prime location on campus. The front exit leads to the Cater Walk with the dining hall conveniently yards away. The back exits leads straight to the George Washington Statue and to the campus lawn. In my case, the location is perfect class-wise. Its centered in between each building i have a class in (Toll, Lit House, Gibson, Goldstein). 

One awesome feature (if not the most awesomest) is the basement area. The basement is home to the house lounge and a small stage where low-key, low-budget performances occur on a regular basis. Hopefully, I’ll get to stage a one act or two in years to come.

While Middle Hall has many many perks and features, it does have one serious disadvantage to all other dorms, especially for a freshman like myself. Taylor and I will most likely be the only freshman living in the dorm, preventing us from networking with other freshman outside of class and outside extra-cirriculars.

It’s a shame we won’t be able to connect with bulk of our class in dorm life, but I know our experience in Middle Hall will certainly be one to remember. Maybe there’ll be some quirky, interesting initiation into the house by the upperclassmen residents. And who knows? Maybe that third spot WILL be another freshman. 

Go Shoremen

Brian out. 


We’ve all been there. You’re at a social event, and anyone of your age (17-18) is in the minority. You start a conversation with an adult who is neither a parent of yours or any adult you’re particularly comfortable with. These conversations tend to take this path: “How’s school going?” Fine, thanks. “Looking at any colleges?” Yes, I sent in my enrollment deposit to [insert college here, in this case Washington College]. “That’s great! What’re you majoring in?”

It’s at this point, in my case, that I’ve given a wide range of majors worth pursuing. Even as I’m writing this post, I’m still not exactly sure about what I’d like to major in at WAC. Over the past 2 or so years, my expressed majors have ranged from film to history to education and beyond. Right now it’s been narrowed down to 2 options: Political Science and Environmental Studies…or History…or English….or American Studies….welp.

Alright. So I haven’t really narrowed down anything. But that’s OK!(i hope). College, to me, is a time to truly find your calling and do what you love, especially with a liberal arts education from WAC.

The reason I can’t pick one major is that I enjoy so many subjects. History, Chem, Government, English/Writing, World Religions. It’s all interesting to me. Plus I’m at least decent at all of them. Notice how math is not mentioned. I hate math. Math hates me. It’s out to get me. My Ti-84 was as useless as a car with no wheels. I got me NOWHERE. The only thing I’m dreading about freshman year is the Quantitative requirement.

But anyway, I’m excited about what choice I’ll make when it comes time to declare. I’ve been told that going into college undeclared is not the way to go, but I think I have more academic freedom to explore than someone who has declared a major on day 1 (that’s not to say I’m better than someone who is declared.I’m not. Decisiveness is a blessing). But no matter what I choose, I know it’ll be what I love.

Go Shoremen

Brian out.


For the last month, this has been the most heavily read book in my life